Steam Deck and Desktop Steam Beta Fixes a Steam Play Bug
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Steam Deck and Desktop Steam Beta Fixes a Steam Play Bug

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Valve recently rolled out a new Steam Beta Client update on March 22nd, catering to both Steam Deck and Desktop users. This update brings a variety of bug fixes and enhancements to improve the overall gaming experience. To access these changes, make sure you are opted into the Beta updates channel. Alternatively, you can wait for the next stable update release.

Steam Deck Changes:

  • Fixed issue with corrupted fonts displaying during early startup for Thai language and other languages.

Desktop Changes:

  • Addressed the problem of the secondary context menu opening when right-clicking on the open context menu.

Additionally, there are several fixes that apply to both Steam Deck and Desktop:

Steam Input:

  • Solved the problem of inverted axes when using "Setup Device Inputs".
  • Reverted the change to default Conversion Style in "GyroToMouse" mode to prevent altering existing configurations.
  • Fixed default bindings for Gyro on SteamDeck Configurator Templates.
  • Enabled haptic feedback when gyroscope is turned on and off for controllers with haptics support.
  • Added Dualsense and Dualshock Gyro Enable/Disable/Toggle options for enhanced compatibility with certain Paddle Mods.
  • Fixed the Quick Settings "Enable Grip" Toggle.

Remote Play:

  • Enhanced the recovery process from network disconnections before initiating the stream.

Steam Cloud:

  • Rectified the scenario where files from one Steam account could overwrite files from another account if the first account had logged in but not played the game on the device.


  • Resolved the issue where Steam would try to run the Windows version of a title without utilizing Steam Play.

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