Phil Spencer Hopes to See More Digital Storefronts Such as Epic Games Store on Xbox
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Phil Spencer Hopes to See More Digital Storefronts Such as Epic Games Store and Steam on Xbox

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Microsoft's head of gaming, Phil Spencer, recently discussed his vision for the future of gaming on Xbox consoles. In an interview with Polygon, Spencer expressed his desire to see other digital storefronts besides the official Xbox store on the platform

Spencer highlighted the importance of breaking down the walled gardens that currently restrict players to purchasing games exclusively through a console's official digital store. He mentioned the potential inclusion of third-party stores like the Epic Games Store or Steam on Xbox consoles, drawing parallels with Microsoft's approach to Windows.

"Consider our history as the Windows company," Spencer explained. "There's real value in allowing players to choose where to buy games, just like on a PC."

Spencer also addressed the changing landscape of the console market, noting that the traditional model of selling hardware at a loss and recouping costs through game sales is becoming less sustainable. He emphasized the need for innovation and increased options for both creators and players.

One of Spencer's proposed solutions is to allow more digital storefronts to operate on Xbox consoles, offering players a wider range of options and potentially driving competitive pricing. This move could create a more seamless gaming ecosystem for players, similar to the experience on a gaming PC.

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