Discover What's New in SteamOS 3.6 - BIOS Overclocking and Performance Fixes
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Discover What's New in SteamOS 3.6 - BIOS Overclocking and Performance Fixes

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Valve's journey towards perfecting SteamOS continues with the release of SteamOS 3.6, now available in the Steam Deck's 'Preview' update channel. This iteration promises significant improvements in performance and stability, making it an exciting update for gamers.

What's New in SteamOS 3.6?

The latest update brings a host of enhancements, including:

  • A more up-to-date Arch Linux base, with Linux kernel now at version 6.5
  • Updated GPU driver to Mesa 24.1, leading to performance and rendering correctness improvements
  • Updated KDE Plasma to 5.27.10 in Desktop mode
  • Added Steam Deck LCD BIOS overclock controls
  • SD cards can now be used as the default boot devices
  • Improved Apple AirPod pairing experience
  • Improved session recovery speed after GPU crashes
  • SanDisk microSD card misdetection workaround
  • Improved speed of subsequent OS updates
  • Enabled support for Bluetooth A2DP and BAP profiles
  • Resolved the issue with an accrual of temporary files while using Flatpaks
  • Improved Bluetooth connection speed with some devices
  • Improved performance and stability in memory pressure use cases
  • Resolved the problem with the performance UI automatically turning itself on
  • Improved display uniformity (Mura compensation problems), color balance, and yellow tinting issues under some conditions
  • Improved Steam UI responsiveness

While the 'Preview' build offers exciting new features, users should be aware that it may not be entirely stable. For a seamless experience, waiting for the stable release of SteamOS 3.6 is advisable. Valve is expected to push the update to the stable content pipeline in the coming weeks, providing a more reliable experience for all users.

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