Steam Refund Policy Update for Advanced Access Games
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Steam Refund Policy Update for Advanced Access Games

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Steam has recently made a significant change to its refund policy that directly impacts those who enjoy playing pre-purchased games during the Advanced Access period. If you're someone who loves to get a head start on the latest titles before everyone else, you'll want to pay close attention to this update.

Previously, playtime during Advanced Access did not count towards the two-hour playtime limit for refunds. This meant that players could extensively dive into a game before its official release and still be eligible for a refund if they weren't satisfied. However, Steam has now adjusted this policy to include Advanced Access playtime in the refund eligibility window.

The reasoning behind this change is to prevent users from taking advantage of the system by playing a pre-ordered game during Advanced Access and then requesting a refund after the game's official launch. It's surprising that this loophole existed for so long, but it's great to see Steam taking steps to address it.

It's important to note that this change only applies to games that offer Advanced Access as part of their pre-purchase options. Advanced Access is a feature often included in deluxe or special editions, granting players early access to the game before its official release date.

Advanced Access differs from Early Access, which is a development model where games are released in an unfinished state for player feedback and iteration. With Early Access games, the same refund policies still apply as to any other game on Steam.

So, what does this mean for you as a gamer? If you play a game during the Advanced Access period, that playtime will now count towards your refund eligibility. For example, if a game offers three days of Advanced Access and you play for one hour, you'll only have one remaining hour to play after the official launch before becoming ineligible for a refund.

Steam made an official announcement regarding this policy update, stating, "Today we have updated a portion of our Refund Policy regarding pre-purchased titles. This change covers titles that are in pre-purchase and offer Advanced Access. Playtime acquired during the Advanced Access period will now count towards the Steam refund period."

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