Rockstar Faces Criticism from IWGB
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Rockstar Faces Criticism from IWGB and Union Members for Resuming Office Operations

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has today released a formal announcement regarding Rockstar's demand for employees to return to office-based work. The statement highlights a reversal in Rockstar's earlier stance on maintaining flexibility in work arrangements. Moreover, the IWGB criticises Rockstar's executive team for their unwillingness to engage in discussions with their workforce.

Rockstar's justification for their decision, as reported by the IWGB, is based on security issues and a fall in productivity levels. The company recently announced its policy of a five-day office working week that will take effect from April.

The IWGB statement includes anonymised statements from Rockstar's staff. One staff member claims that the company failed to consult with their employees. The Chair of the IWGB Game Workers, Austin Kelmore, alleges that Rockstar dismissed the workers’ pleas for basic workplace conditions.

Despite this dispute, Rockstar is likely to be highly cautious about security matters. The company suffered severe leaks of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA6), which included 90 videos from an initial draft. Subsequently, the individual behind the extensive GTA6 leaks was identified as Arion Kurtaj. The hacker was indefinitely hospitalised in December 2023 under judicial order.

In September 2022, leaks surrounding GTA6 hinted at a significant shift towards remote work within the gaming industry. Adding to their woes, the trailer for GTA6 was prematurely released in December due to further leaks. While this was a setback, the video went on to smash multiple records.

As of present, Rockstar has not responded to the allegations or claims made by the IWGB.

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