Valve Introduces Beta Version of Steam Families Game Sharing Feature
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Valve Introduces Beta Version of Steam Families Game Sharing Feature

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Valve has recently announced an exciting new feature for Steam users called Steam Families. This innovative feature not only allows gamers to share games with family members but also provides a range of parental control options and streamlines the purchase process on the platform.

Steam Families, currently in beta, is set to replace both Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View. With this new feature, players can create a Steam Family group consisting of up to six members that can be managed from the Steam client, a mobile device, or a web browser.

One of the key highlights of Steam Families is the ability for family members to play each other's sharable games. While they cannot play the same title simultaneously unless they own multiple copies, each player has the freedom to create their own saved games, earn Steam achievements, and access workshop files.

According to Valve, developers have the option to exclude their games from the Family Sharing feature for technical or other reasons. A list of games that currently support the feature can be found here.

In addition to game sharing, Steam Families introduces new parental controls that enable adults in the group to set limits on what and when children can play games. Parents can monitor their children's activities and choose to restrict access to various shopping and social features as well.

Furthermore, there is a new payment option where a child account can request an in-family adult to purchase their shopping cart, making the process more convenient for families. To try out Steam Families, players need to opt into the Steam Family Beta.

Valve also recently set an all-time record of over 36.29 million concurrent players on Sunday. Additionally, the company launched Steam's Spring Sale featuring discounts on thousands of games, running until March 21.

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