Over 36 million players simultaneously on Steam
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Over 36 Million Players Simultaneously on Steam

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

On the 5th March we reported that Steam reach a milestone of 34 Million concurrent players. However, in just just a few weeks, Valve's digital service surpassed that number, now boasting over 36 million concurrent players. This new record shows the immense popularity and growth of the platform.

Steam hit a record-breaking 36.354 million concurrent players, inching closer to the goal of 37 million. The rapid increase in players demonstrates the platform's ability to continually attract and engage a vast player base.

It's fascinating to see the shift in the Top 20 Most Played Games within the last 24 hours. The list is topped by Counter-Strike 2, followed by DOTA 2 and the rising star, Helldivers 2. Notably, Helldivers 2 has climbed the ranks to become the third most-played game, showing its growing popularity among players.

Steam Players

Other popular titles in the Top 20 Most Played Games include PUBG: Battlegrounds, Apex Legends, Tomb Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Baldur's Gate 3, Palworld, and GTA 5. It's interesting to see the fluctuations in rankings, with some games gaining positions while others dropping.

As Steam continues to break records and attract more players, the question arises: How long will it take for the platform to meet its 37 million player goal? With the current growth rate, reaching this milestone in the coming months seems highly plausible.

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