Exciting New Steam Deck Beta Update Enhances Configurator Tool with Mouse Actions for Steam Input
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Exciting New Steam Deck Beta Update Enhances Configurator Tool with Mouse Actions for Steam Input

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The latest update to the Steam Deck Beta Client has brought some exciting new possibilities for Steam Input. Let's dive into the details of what this update has to offer.

Steam Deck Beta Client 4/26/24 Changelog:


  • Fixed an issue where after playing a game it would require extra B button presses to back out of the game's library page.
  • Settings->Storage will now display drives that are missing a steam library as format targets.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed a case where the store tab would fail to display any content after maximizing the steam window.

Steam Input

  • New Configurator feature "Swap Left with Right": While editing a Controller Configuration, you can Swap the behavior of the Left Stick and the Right Stick, or Left Trackpad and Right Trackpad etc. Highlight the source you want to swap in the "Edit Layout" page, and the "Y" button should appear to allow the swap. This should be handy for "South Paws".
  • New Mouse Action: "Turn to Face Direction". When activating this, the camera will turn to face the direction you are pushing on the Left Stick (default - Track pads, Dpads and Buttons can also be used). Can be combined with "Reset to Horizon" to produce a behavior similar to Splatoon's camera reset button. Note: Dots per 360 must be calibrated for this to be accurate.
  • New Mouse Action: "Dots per 360 Calibration". By default this will generate 360 degrees of rotation. You can use this to tune the Dots per 360 value in the Flick Stick / Gyro To Mouse modes. This can also be adjusted to produce perfect 180 turns once the "Dots per 360" value is properly calibrated.
  • Gyro to Joystick modes now no longer generate haptic events when outside the active range.

To get your hands on the new beta client update, simply navigate to the System settings on your Steam Deck. If you're eager to switch over to the Beta branch, just change the update channel to "Beta" in the System settings, and you'll be all set to enjoy the latest enhancements and fixes.

Don't miss out on these exciting new updates and features for the Steam Deck Beta Client. Enhance your gaming experience with improved customization options and smoother controls. Download the update now and level up your gaming sessions!

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