Respawn Offers Free Apex Packs to Apex Legends Players Amid Recent Game Issues
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Respawn Offers Free Apex Packs to Apex Legends Players Amid Recent Game Issues

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Respawn is coming to the rescue with some freebies to make up for recent game issues. If you've been affected by account resets or lost progress, free Apex Packs are on the way!

It's always frustrating when you lose progress in a game you've dedicated time and effort to. Respawn knows this, which is why they've taken the initiative to ease the pain for all affected players. The studio recently admitted to making a mistake with a game update, resulting in some players losing their hard-earned progress. To make up for this, Respawn is gifting all Apex Legends players 8 free Apex Packs, filled with awesome cosmetic items and crafting currency.

Respawn said via X "Thank you legends for your patience as we work through the data outage and the data recovery process. As a thank you for your understanding, we're giving everyone 8 Apex Packs! Simply log in before April 24 at 10 am PT to see them in your account."

These issues couldn't have come at a worse time for Respawn and Apex Legends. The studio recently had to deal with a round of layoffs as part of broader cuts at parent company Electronic Arts. As if that wasn't enough, the North American finals of an Apex Legends tournament had to be postponed due to hackers tampering with the game.

Despite these setbacks, Electronic Arts has promised that the game will "expand beyond the traditional battle royale universe" in the upcoming year. With new content and updates on the horizon, there's plenty to look forward to in the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends.

So, mark your calendars and log in before April 24 to claim your free Apex Packs. Respawn has your back, and they're ready to make things right.

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