Apex Legends Update 2.57 Patch Notes on May 21st
Patch Notes Apex Legends

Apex Legends Update 2.57 Patch Notes on May 21st

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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Respawn Entertainment has rolled out Apex Legends update 2.57 (PS5 version 1.000.071), a surprise patch that brings several fixes and improvements to the game. Let's dive into the details of this latest update.

Apex Legends Update 2.57 Patch Notes

Version: 2.57 (PS4), 1.000.071 (PS5)

Download Size: 1.9GB (PS4)

  • Fixed Valkyrie’s fuel gauge to refill properly
  • Resolved the crash related to Explosive Holds
  • Various fixes for Alter’s audio
  • Fixed rare issue of players respawning without weapons
  • Resolved missing UI elements after respawn
  • Octane’s High Tide Skydive Trail no longer persists after landing
  • Correct splash screen displayed on game startup
  • Improvements for loading textures and audio delays on PC

For more details, you can check the official patch notes by Respawn here.

Known Issues Being Worked On:

Here are some of the issues currently under investigation or being fixed by the Apex Legends dev team via their Trello Board:


  • Second row of Legends not available on altered resolutions
  • Occasional skipping of Tac teleport animation
  • Missing Legend poses in banners
  • Performance issues on Linux/Steam Deck
  • Founder’s badge showing as locked but can still be equipped
  • Death Boxes colliding/blocking doors
  • Mad Maggie's Ultimate not impacting some pass/tacs/ults

Fix in Progress:

  • Text-to-Speech issues on Xbox

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Patch Notes Apex Legends


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