Lethal Company Update Version 50 Patch Notes and Information
Guides Lethal Company Patch Notes

Lethal Company Update Version 50 Patch Notes and Information

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The latest update for Lethal Company, version 50, has just been released on the Steam beta branch, surprising fans with new content to explore. It's been a while since the last major update, and players are eager to dive into the new features introduced in this update.

New Features in Lethal Company Update v50

One of the biggest additions in Lethal Company v50 is the introduction of a new moon called Adamance. This moon is filled with challenging enemies and valuable loot, making it a high-risk, high-reward destination for players. Additionally, there are two other new moons to explore, each offering their own unique gameplay experiences.

Players can now encounter Giants on Adamance, large enemies that require multiple hits to defeat. To access this new map, players must first visit the cabin on Adamance and unlock it, leading to another location called Artifice.

Artifice is home to giant robot entities that pose a significant threat to players. To navigate this map successfully, players must utilize strategic gameplay by luring the robots into warehouses and trapping them inside.

The update also introduces a powerful new weapon, the Butcher Knife, which deals high damage and attacks rapidly. Players will need to master its close-range combat capabilities to effectively battle enemies like the Butler, a new enemy type added in this update.

In addition to new gameplay features, Lethal Company v50 includes two new suits for players to collect: the Bee suit and the Bunny suit. These suits offer cosmetic changes and allow players to customize their character's appearance.

Players can also discover colorful Easter Eggs scattered throughout the game, each with its own unpredictable effects when interacted with. From explosive surprises to celebratory displays, these Easter Eggs add a fun element of randomness to the gameplay experience.

Major Balance Updates in Lethal Company v50

  • Nutcrackers now respond to player movement and can attack players even when crouched.
  • Baboon Hawks are now able to reach higher locations and platforms, increasing their mobility in combat.
  • Players will move slower when traversing uphill terrain, adding a new level of strategy to movement.
  • Shovels have been rebalanced to carry a limited weight capacity of 16 units.
  • Crouching no longer provides immunity to attacks from dogs, requiring players to adjust their tactics.

Overall, Lethal Company Update v50 brings a host of new content, gameplay enhancements, and balance adjustments to keep players engaged and challenged. With a mix of new features and surprises, this update offers plenty of excitement for fans of the game.

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Guides Lethal Company Patch Notes


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