Strategy and Location of a Deadly Corporate Butler
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Strategy and Location of a Deadly Corporate Butler

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

One of the latest additions to Lethal Company in the Version 50 update is the introduction of the Butler enemy. This quirky yet menacing character can be quite a challenging opponent to face, but defeating him will reward you with a powerful Butcher Knife weapon. Here's everything you need to know about the Butler and how to effectively deal with this new enemy.

The Butler in Lethal Company exhibits both passive and aggressive states. When in his passive state, the Butler can be identified by his simple sweeping motion with a broom. However, once provoked, the Butler will transform into his aggressive state by brandishing a Butcher Knife and attacking you viciously. Keep an ear out for the subtle changes in background music, as it can signify the Butler's transition into aggression.

In addition to his combat abilities, the Butler also has a unique ability to inflate his head, spawning Mask Hornets that can swarm and chase you. It's crucial to lure these enemies away to prevent constant harassment during the battle.

The most effective strategy for facing the Butler is to stick together with your team. By coordinating your attacks and staying vigilant, you can take down the Butler with six well-timed hits using the Shovel. Upon defeating him, the Butler will drop the coveted Butcher Knife, a potent weapon with swift attacks but limited melee range.

To encounter the Butler, head to any of the moons that feature a Mansion. These locations serve as the Butler's domain, where he diligently goes about his cleaning duties. Below are some of the best spots to find the Butler:

  1. 7-Dine Moon (Common)
  2. 8-Artifice Moon (Uncommon)
  3. 85-Rend (Uncommon)
  4. 20-Adamance (Rare)

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