How to Deal with the Old Bird in Lethal Company
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How to Deal with the Old Bird in Lethal Company

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a fan of Lethal Company, you're probably aware of the latest version 50 update that introduced a formidable new adversary known as the Old Bird. Despite its benign name, the Old Bird is actually a deadly giant robot that poses a significant threat to players and other entities in the game. To help you navigate through the challenges posed by the Old Bird, we've compiled a detailed guide that covers its attacks, strategies for evasion, its location, and more.

The Old Bird entity in Lethal Company is a force to be reckoned with. It displays a passive behavior as it leisurely moves around in a deliberate manner and transitions into an aggressive mode when it detects a player or another target, sprinting towards them to launch its assault. Additionally, it has the ability to swiftly take flight to pursue its victims.

One of the Old Bird's signature attacks involves launching a volley of rockets from its left arm. These rockets are aimed at a specific location and upon impact, they unleash a 30-area of effect damage to everything in the vicinity. The Old Bird tends to unleash multiple rockets rapidly, making this Rocket Barrage attack a significant threat.

To counter this onslaught, utilizing the Jetpack to maneuver and create barriers between you and the Old Bird can prove to be an effective strategy. Furthermore, the rocket explosions can be leveraged to cause damage to other entities as well.

When in close proximity to the Old Bird, be prepared for a scorching flamethrower attack that engulfs the surroundings in flames, dealing continuous fire area of effect damage. Stay vigilant, as the Old Bird can seize players and subject them to a fiery demise akin to the Forest Keeper's grab attack.

It's advisable to steer clear of the Old Bird by employing the Jetpack for aerial evasion. If you find yourself on the ground, seek refuge behind obstructions to shield yourself from the devastating rocket attacks. Swiftly navigating around the Old Bird is crucial, as the rockets track their initial target destination upon firing.

In the Artifice Moon map, warehouses offer a viable defense against the Old Bird. These structures house switches that control the massive doors, allowing you to lure the Old Bird inside and then trap it by closing the entrance.

The Old Bird predominantly spawns outdoors, but it can also enter large structures like warehouses. However, it does not appear within enclosed interiors such as the Mansion. While it is most commonly found in the new version 50 update moons, there is a slight chance of encountering it on other maps as well.

Locations where you can encounter the Old Bird include:

  • 8-Embrion (Common)
  • 8-Artifice (Common)
  • 8-Titan (Uncommon)
  • 7-Dine (Uncommon)
  • 21-Offense (Rare)
  • 41-Experimentation (Rare)
  • 20-Adamance (Rare)

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