Lethal Company Version 55 Patch Notes on July 6th
Patch Notes Lethal Company

Lethal Company Version 55 Patch Notes on July 6th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Lethal Company Version 55 is finally here with the highly anticipated Company Cruiser, a transportation vehicle perfect for hauling scrap. Along with this epic new vehicle, you can see new creatures, fixes for desync issues, and the ability to purchase weed killer. Read the full patch notes below.

Lethal Company Version 55 Patch Notes:

Hello, Version 55 is here! This update is mainly just the Company Cruiser, an epic luxury transportation vehicle, capable of transporting an unimaginable amount of scrap all at once.

There are also two new creatures and some fixes. Also, you can buy weed killer.


  • Fixed some desync problems with the position of nutcrackers and mechs
  • Fixed inconsistent damage numbers or just totally whiffing when attacking creatures with weapons.
  • Fixed inconsistent damage numbers when hitting other players with weapons. Also increased the damage when hitting other players from its originally intended 10% to 20% to keep things similar to before.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of a breaker box in the factory and vent spawn in the manor
  • Fixed the logic for weight so that it's not possible to have your speed increased
  • Fixed an issue where two players could get on the terminal at the same time, which would softlock one of them.

As Version 55 came sooner than Version 50, I suspect Version 60 will come even sooner. I'm planning a bunch of new scrap and new map tiles for the interiors. But for now, I hope you have fun with the truck. I made a truck for you.

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Patch Notes Lethal Company


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