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Proton GE 8.28 Update: Major Boost for Non-Steam Games

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The latest update for Proton GE, version 8.28, marks a significant milestone, especially for gamers playing titles outside of Steam. This update introduces ULWGL (Unified Launcher Wine Game Launcher) support, a revolutionary step in enhancing the gaming experience across various launchers.

The introduction of ULWGL support (ULWGL on GitHub) is a game-changer for the Proton ecosystem. It not only simplifies the process of making non-Steam games compatible but also ensures a more seamless gaming experience. This update is particularly beneficial for Steam Deck users, who often explore games beyond the Steam library.

Proton GE 8-28 Update Changelog:

  • fixed [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; no appID found. from being reported when running non-steam games
  • non-steam games will now run using wine inside proton rather than calling steam.exe with wine then the game inside steam -- this goes alongside the API failure fix
  • controller axis patch added from 8-27 has been removed as it is now properly upstreamed
  • added ULWGL support for non-steam games (
  • beamng VR patch removed per request by developers, they have stated they will fix the issue in 0.32 (
  • black desert online now works


  • now using ULWGL-protonfixes
  • can now call the winetricks gui using util.protontricks('gui')
  • winetricks now performs an internet check before attempting any downloads
  • fixed long standing issue with protontricks not being able to install dotnet4* using anything newer than proton 5. works now and no longer requires proton 5.
  • fixed dll overwrites in winetricks, no longer need to maintain a massive list of specific overwriteable dlls in proton
  • protonfixes added for Catherine Classic -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes added for Ys Origin -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes for Age of Wonders -- videos now fully working
  • protonfixes added for Model 2 emulator
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed: Impact
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed 2: Assault
  • protonfixes added for Alien Breed 3: Descent
  • protonfixes added for Black Desert Online NOSTEAM=1 option. Launch game like NOSTEAM=1 %command% to launch non-steam standalone version.

Files will auto-attach to release when finished building in Actions:

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