Warframe's "Jade Shadows" Update: New Warframe, Quest, and More Revealed
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Warframe's "Jade Shadows" Update: New Warframe, Quest, and More Revealed

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

During Digital Extremes’ Devstream 179, the studio revealed the highly-anticipated cinematic update for Warframe titled "Jade Shadows." Set to release in June, this update will introduce new content and features that are sure to excite fans of the game.

What to Expect in the "Jade Shadows" Update:

  • New mission type "Clan Operation"
  • Cosmetic bundles
  • Single-player Quest starring the infamous legacy character, the Stalker
  • Introduction of the 57th Warframe, Jade

In the upcoming single-player Quest, players will experience a gripping story of love, loss, and sacrifice as they embark on a journey with the Stalker. This narrative will shed light on the character's mysterious past and reveal long-kept secrets. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to unlock the 57th Warframe, Jade, whose design is inspired by angelic choir soloists and embodies themes of Love, Hope, and Wonder.

The update will introduce a new mission type called Ascension, along with a Stalker-themed ship cosmetic skin and a range of new TennoGen items. Players can also look forward to participating in the new Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast.

Alongside the "Jade Shadows" update, Digital Extremes showcased the Prime form of the ultimate protector Warframe, Protea. Protea Prime features a variety of advanced devices for players to use in battle, including grenade clusters, plasma charges, health, and energy pickups, and the ability to rewind time. Additionally, two new Prime tech weapons, Okina Prime and Velox Prime, will be introduced on May 1.

For fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming TennoCon 2042 event, Digital Extremes announced exciting activities planned for attendees. The event, starting on June 19, will offer early access to the merch booth operations, badge pickup, and a 1999-themed celebration featuring free food and a special guest DJ.

During the event's keynote livestream on July 20, 2024, the studio will reveal more information about the upcoming "Warframe 1999" expansion, promising a bundle of exciting updates and surprises for players.

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