Achieving Growing Power in Warframe
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Achieving Growing Power in Warframe

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're an avid Warframe player, you know the importance of having powerful Aura mods like Growing Power in your arsenal. This mod provides a 25% boost to Ability Strength, making it a valuable addition to any build. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, knowing where and how to farm Growing Power can make a significant difference in your gameplay.

Where to Find Growing Power

The key to obtaining Growing Power lies in the Knave Specter, a unique enemy located on Earth. To access this enemy and have a chance at acquiring the mod, you'll need to complete Titania's Quest, the Silver Grove. Once you've completed the quest, you'll receive blueprints for different Apothics.

To summon the Knave Specter, craft and use the Nightfall Apothic at shrines found in caves on Earth. With the Apothic in your gear wheel, the Lotus will notify you when you're near a Silver Grove shrine. Using the Nightfall Apothic at the shrine will summon the Knave Specter for a battle.

Preparing for the Battle

The Knave Specter battle can be relatively easy if you're in the mid-game or higher. You'll essentially be fighting an AI-controlled Loki Warframe, so be prepared with your best gear and tactics. The drop rate for Growing Power is 6.06%, so it may take a few tries before you obtain the mod.

Materials Needed for Nightfall Apothic

Before you can summon the Knave Specter, you'll need to craft the Nightfall Apothic. Here are the materials required:

  • 2 Morphics
  • 2 Dusklight Sarracenia - Found on planet surface missions on Ceres
  • 6 Moonlight Dragonlily - Found at night on Earth surface missions
  • 12 Sunlight Threshcones - Found during the day on Earth surface missions

Using a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner to scan these plants will yield the required materials. Each plant can only be scanned once and will provide one to two units of the material. Alternatively, you can use the Oxylus sentinel with the Botanist precept mod to scan plants on the playing field.

Now that you're equipped with this valuable information, go forth and conquer the battle for Growing Power in Warframe!

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