Sony President Hiroki Totoki Starts as Interim PlayStation CEO
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Sony President Hiroki Totoki Starts as Interim PlayStation CEO

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Today marks the official beginning of a new era for Sony and PlayStation as Hiroki Totoki steps into his role as the interim CEO of the gaming giant. This shift in leadership comes after the announcement in September 2023 that then-CEO Jim Ryan would be stepping down, with Totoki officially taking the helm on April 1, 2024.

With Ryan's departure, Totoki now faces the task of overseeing the PlayStation division while the search for a permanent successor is underway. In a statement released by Sony, it was mentioned that Totoki will collaborate closely with Sony Group Corporation Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida and the SIE management team to shape the future of PlayStation, including the selection of the next SIE CEO.

While his official role as interim CEO begins today, Totoki has already been actively involved in the gaming sphere, visiting studios and sharing his vision for Sony's gaming strategy. During a recent Q&A session following Sony's latest financial results briefing, Totoki emphasized his desire for Sony to be "aggressive" in enhancing the gaming division's profit margins, with a specific focus on expanding the presence of first-party games on PC.

According to Totoki, releasing games on multiple platforms, including PC, is key to driving profitability and growth for the gaming division. He highlighted the importance of strong first-party content across various platforms to improve operating profit, signaling a shift in Sony's approach to game development and distribution.

Furthermore, during the same Q&A session, Totoki shared insights on Bungie's development practices, suggesting that the studio could benefit from assuming more accountability for its development timelines. Despite acknowledging Bungie's creative prowess, Totoki emphasized the need for improvement in terms of business operations and project management.

As Sony and PlayStation embark on this new chapter under Totoki's leadership, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the strategic shifts and innovations that will shape the future of one of the industry's leading brands.

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