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Sony Clarifies That Rise of the Ronin 'Was Never' Coming To South Korea

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Sony has officially addressed to IGN the swirling rumors about the release of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea, stating unequivocally that the game was never slated for launch in the country. This clarification comes amid a backdrop of controversy, sparked by comments from Team Ninja, the game's developer, which led to widespread speculation and confusion about the game's availability in the South Korean market.

Rise of the Ronin, a highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, has been the subject of intense discussion after it was revealed that Sony had pulled pre-orders in South Korea. The controversy was fueled by statements from the game's director, which touched on sensitive political topics, leading many to believe that these comments were the reason behind Sony's decision to block the game's release.

However, Sony has now come forward to clear the air, insisting that Rise of the Ronin "was never officially announced for release in Korea." This statement was made in response to inquiries about the game's absence from the South Korean market, despite there being a Korean language version of the game and its listing by the Korean ratings board. Additionally, the game was featured on the South Korean PlayStation Blog when it was revealed in 2022, adding to the confusion.

Sony's clarification aims to put an end to the speculation, confirming that Rise of the Ronin will not be sold or published in South Korea in any form, be it physical or digital. The reasons behind this decision remain unclear, leaving fans and observers with more questions than answers.

Despite the controversy in South Korea, Rise of the Ronin is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 5 on March 22, offering players an open-world, action-packed experience with sword-swinging gameplay. This announcement underscores Sony's commitment to delivering unique gaming experiences to its global audience, even as it navigates the complexities of international markets and cultural sensitivities.

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