Rise of the Ronin Korean Launch Cancelled
PlayStation News Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin's Korean Launch Cancelled Amid Controversy

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an unexpected turn of events, the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, Rise of the Ronin, will not see its release in South Korea next month, alongside its global launch. This decision comes in the wake of controversial comments made by the game's director, Fumihiko Yasuda of Team Ninja, which have ignited a firestorm of political controversy between South Korea and Japan.

The controversy centers around Yasuda's remarks in a behind-the-scenes video, where he allegedly praised Yoshida Shōin, a Japanese scholar known for advocating the conquest of Korean territories to strengthen Japan's geopolitical stance. This comparison to Socrates, given Shōin's controversial historical significance, particularly his association with the 'Jeonghan Theory', has sparked significant backlash from the Korean gaming community.

As a result, Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea has taken the step to block the launch of Rise of the Ronin in South Korea, making it impossible for gamers in the country to pre-purchase the game on the PlayStation Store. This move has been met with approval from many within the Korean gaming community, with sentiments running high against Team Ninja's future releases.

The situation remains fluid, with PlayStation yet to officially comment on the matter. This incident highlights the delicate balance game developers and publishers must maintain in a politically charged global landscape.

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PlayStation News Rise of the Ronin


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