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Rise of the Ronin: A Glimpse into the Future of Samurai RPGs

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The gaming world is on the edge of its seat as Team Ninja, the renowned developers behind hits like Dead or Alive and Nioh, prepares to launch their latest masterpiece, Rise of the Ronin. Set against the rich historical backdrop of 19th-century Japan, this open-world RPG promises to deliver an unparalleled samurai experience exclusively on PlayStation 5 come March 22.

In a recent showcase at the State of Play event, fans were treated to an extended gameplay trailer that not only highlighted the game's fluid combat system but also its expansive world ripe for exploration. From bustling Japanese cities to serene rural landscapes, players will have the freedom to traverse this vast world on horseback, glide through the air, or scale buildings with a grappling hook. The trailer, which can be viewed here, reveals a game that is both visually stunning and mechanically deep, offering a variety of combat scenarios against a wide array of enemies, intense boss fights, and dynamic sieges.

Rise of the Ronin is more than just an action RPG; it's a journey through a pivotal era in Japan's history, offering a narrative depth that could rival the likes of Ghost of Tsushima. With its blend of historical authenticity and fantastical elements, the game is poised to be a significant title for PlayStation 5 owners and a testament to Team Ninja's prowess in game development.

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