Epic Store Hits $1 Billion
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Epic Store Hits $1 Billion in Gamer Spending in 2023

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an eye-opening reveal, Epic Games' "year in review" document for 2023 showcased the staggering financial performance of its PC storefront, the Epic Store. Gamers worldwide spent an impressive $950 million throughout the year, with a significant $310 million dedicated to third-party PC games. This surge in spending underscores the platform's growing dominance in the digital distribution space, challenging long-standing leaders like Steam.

The Epic Store's success story of 2023 is not just about the numbers. It's a narrative of strategic growth and community engagement. The platform saw its Monthly Active Users (MAUs) skyrocket to 75 million by December 2023, marking a 10% increase year-on-year. This growth is attributed to Epic's aggressive push in offering value to its users, notably through its free games program which saw 86 games given away, claimed a staggering 586 million times. This program alone provided gamers with $2,055 worth of free content, making the Epic Store an irresistible hub for PC gaming enthusiasts.

At the top of the table for the Epic Store in 2023 sat the following games:

Coming in second place were the likes of:

Looking ahead to 2024, Epic Games is not resting on its laurels. The company has announced exciting updates for the Epic Store, including a new download manager tool, significant upgrades to offline mode, pre-load features for pre-ordered games, and the much-anticipated (re)launch of Epic on iOS in Europe. These developments signal Epic's commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding its reach, promising another year of growth and success.

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