Rotwood Patch Notes from April 28th - April 30th
Patch Notes Rotwood

Rotwood Patch Notes from April 28th - April 30th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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If you're diving into the world of Rotwood, it's essential to stay up to date with the latest patch notes. Here's all the recent changes from April 28th to April 30th:

April 30 - Patch [605456]


  • The Armoury and Weapon Rack screens now show you the equipment that you don't own, but is available to purchase within the biomes that you have unlocked
  • Added a warning screen that displays when you are almost out of storage space, and may have trouble saving the game


  • Increased the quality of the Basic Headband
  • Combat encounters in Blisterbane Bog now favour spawning either Mothballs or Mossquitos, instead of large swarms of both.
  • Reduced the number of Snortoise that spawn in the all-Snortoise encounter


  • Fixed being unable to complete the Cannon Quick Rise mastery
  • Fixed some masteries giving out old loot
  • Fixed an issue where the Belle of the Ball used the wrong materials to upgrade
  • Fixed a bug where Swarm could die out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where too many Bulbugs would spawn in some situations
  • Fixed an issue where the entire combat field could become covered in poison pools
  • Various crashfixes for issues we have seen reported

April 29 - Patch [605200]

Loot System

  • Streamlined the loot system so that you are more likely to get the loot that you are looking for.
    • Each dungeon now has two loot types plus a boss loot.
    • The loot players have earned are auto-converted to the new system.


  • Increased the baseline quality and stats of the Gnarlic, Mothball and Gloop armour sets to make them more viable for players

April 28 - Patch [605165]


  • Added default public group matchmaking
    • Selecting the Rotwood Public group will match you with our best match that we can find, first by region and then with a game that is of a similar progression level as you.


Frenzy Tuning

  • Frenzy 1/2/3: Increase initial cooldown, so enemies don't attack as quickly after spawning
  • Frenzy 2/3: Reduce additional Rot and Imbued Rot aggression
  • Frenzy 2/3: Reduce amount of possible Imbued Rots per encounter
    • The challenge in higher Frenzies often boiled down to just managing being constantly overwhelmed, which isn't the feeling we want for combat. For many players, this resulted in kiting mobs around the room, getting off single attacks here and there. We've reduced the amount of aggression to allow for more interesting "give-and-take" interactions with mobs.
    • In future updates, we will be expanding on the Frenzy mechanic for players that are hungry for more challenge.

Imbued Rots

  • Removed hitstun resistance
  • Player skills that knockback or knockdown can now effect Imbued Rots
    • We have found Imbued Rots to be more challenging for players than we intended. These changes make them significantly more manageable.

Imbued Mossquito

  • Increase cooldown of the Sting attack
  • Reduced movement speed


  • Reduced movement speed

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and adventures in the world of Rotwood!

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