Rotwood 605119 & 605133 Update Patch Notes on April 27th
Patch Notes Rotwood

Rotwood 605119 & 605133 Update Patch Notes on April 27th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The latest Rotwood patch notes 605119 & 605133 have arrived, bringing a slew of changes and bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or just starting out on your quest, these updates are sure to make your journey through the Blisterbane Bog even more exciting and challenging.


  • Added recommended attack and defense levels when selecting a level.
    • Going into hunts undergeared can make the game very difficult. We have improved the messaging on recommended gear.
  • Changed the scale of Armour Defense so the numbers are smaller.
    • Defense values are still the same, just the display number is different.
  • Changed the way that Weapon Damage is displayed so that the power level of different types of weapons can be more easily compared.
    • Weapons still deal the same amount of damage, just the display number is different.
  • Added an option to capture and send a performance profile.


  • Fixed an issue where the Peashooter Plushie was free to craft.
    • Peashooters do not have loot to drop, so as a temporary fix the Peashooter Plushie now requires materials from various other rots found in Blisterbane Bog.
  • Fixed some issues where having a very long username caused parts of the UI to break.
  • Fixed an issue where Toot could get into a state where he would not talk about masteries.
  • You can no longer toggle the "allow town editing" checkbox when you are not the host.
  • Fixed an issue where Poison Geysers could leave their targeting FX in the world.

Hotfix 605133

  • Added messaging to clarify armor and attack value changes mentioned above.

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Patch Notes Rotwood