Hell Let Loose Update 1.031 Patch Notes on April 29th
Patch Notes Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Update 1.031 Patch Notes on April 29th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you’ve been diving into the intense battles of Hell Let Loose, you’ll be excited to hear about the latest update that is here to fix some bugs and enhance your gameplay experience. Update 1.031 is the first hotfix for the recently released Update 15, and it’s ready to tackle some issues that may have been bugging you. Let’s dive into the details of the April 29 patch notes.

Hell Let Loose Update 1.031 Patch Notes:

Hello everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying Update 15 and Mortain! An unintended issue surfaced with last week’s update, removing hedgerows from Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. You may have noticed…

The hedges will be reinstated in Hotfix 2, which is due ASAP, alongside a fix for the admin message pop-ups.

For now, please see the changes that have been pushed live in Hotfix 1:

  • [Offensive] Attackers are able to spawn vehicles in inactive HQs
  • [Offensive] Defending commander can not spawn vehicles on two of the Headquarters of the map
  • [XR-064] Unable to send invites to other users
  • [15.0][Mortain] Changing the Texture Quality will crash the game
  • The server name in the top right corner of the Scoreboard will show up as “HLL Server” instead of the actual name on Win10
  • [Offensive] Attackers are able to spawn vehicles in inactive HQs when there is a player in the enemy team
  • [Mortain] All instances of the thin white tree asset are missing collision
  • [Mortain] Collision issue when attempting to enter certain houses while crouched/prone.

Hotfix 2 is just around the corner and will be released very soon. Stay tuned to ensure you’re up to date with all the latest improvements and fixes coming your way!

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