Hell Let Loose Update 1.030 Patch Notes on April 25th
Patch Notes Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Update 1.030 Patch Notes on April 25th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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If you're a fan of Hell Let Loose, you'll be thrilled to hear that the latest update, 1.030, is now available on consoles and PC. This update, also known as Update 15 by the studio, brings exciting changes and new content to the game. Let's dive into the patch notes by Black Matter to find out what's in store for players.

Hell Let Loose Update 1.030 Patch Notes:

This update brings Mortain to Hell Let Loose – a new map and exciting environment to experience for all modes, based on the US defence of the French town of Mortain.

Mortain is our first map release; a significant milestone for us, created and refined with your feedback. Your dedication to Hell Let Loose helps us deliver content that serves an authentic WW2 experience. We’re delighted to see you all jump in and play today!

We’ve also updated Sainte-Marie-du-Mont – increasing overall playable space around the town to produce a better gameplay experience. Delving into these changes below, you can see how we’ve provided more routes in and out of the capture point, creating more viable outpost/garrison options and flanking opportunities.

Two new Skirmish mode maps are now available to play: Mortain and SMdM

Please scroll down for the full changelog and U15 information, including a look at the new German “Oak Leaf” Paid DLC.

  • New Map Mortain – day & overcast variants
    • This supports Warfare, Offensive & Control Skirmish
  • New Control Skirmish – Sainte-Marie-du-Mont Skirmish – day, night & rain variants
  • Sainte-Marie-du-Mont Warfare – night variant
  • Mortain Themed Front End Menu
  • German “Oak Leaf” – Paid DLC
  • Muzzle Flash Improvements
    • Added multiple light sources resulting in a more dynamic muzzle flash and physically accurate reflections
  • Additional Nameplate Occlusion Settings
    • A player-requested feature whereby the user can toggle nameplate occlusion on friendly players in their team and/or squad
  • In-Game Store Improvements
    • Implemented a “Purchased” label on any DLC item that has already been redeemed on the player’s account.



  • [In Game Store] The UI will lose focus if entering and leaving the ‘Featured’ tab
  • [Barracks] Character previews in the ‘Select Your Role’ menu appear too large when playing in ultrawide
  • [Uniforms] The German Africa Corps DAK Uniform has an incorrect belt buckle
  • [Vehicles] The Churchill MkIII gun will clip into the body of the tank if the gun is rotated 180° backwards and depressed to its lowest level while zoomed in
  • [Skirmish] The map key may not be present for certain players
  • [Weapons] The German Satchel placed on the back of the tracks on Stuart M3 ‘Honey’ is not defusable
  • [Field Manual] In the Equipment > Watch tab there is no mention of the Forward Positions.
  • [Field Manual] Incorrect information regarding Recon Vehicles is present in the Vehicles section
  • [Field Manual] In the Equipment > Ammo Boxes tab in the explosive ammo section the rifleman is not mentioned
  • [Field Manual] Small grammatical error present in the Field Manual > Deployment > Spawn Locations
  • [Field Manual] The Forward Position description in the Field Manual says it can’t be placed if too close to another Garrison
  • [Field Manual] The summary at the top of the Outpost, Garrison & Forward Position Field Manual page does not mention Forward Positions
  • [Weapons] Weapons that are held with two hands become misaligned with the player’s hands in TPP whilst leaning
  • [Locomotion] Dive to prone is playing multiple instances of footsteps during the transition
  • [Weapons] Commonwealth faction weapons have no audio feedback when reloading
  • [Weapons] Animations were not playing correctly when the user performed certain sequences of firing and reloading with the Webley Mk VI Revolver
  • [Console] The ‘Skirmish’ activity does not appear in ‘History of completed activities’ following a network disconnection
  • [RCON] Restarting a server also resets the map shuffle option to ‘TRUE’
  • [Vehicles] Destroying a T-70 tank does not award any combat points
  • [Skirmish] “Enemy Forward Position” & “Place Forward Position” tac map markers are only visible to the user that places it
  • [In Game Store] Selected DLC shifts onto the featured DLC by itself when entering
  • [In Game Store] The Uniforms tab is missing localisation in all supported languages
  • [Equipment] TPP Animation for using the Watch is broken on all Factions
  • [Weapons] TPP M1A1 Thompson reload animation causes the character’s elbow to twist unnaturally
  • [Console] In-game store does not populate after a suspended user change.
  • [UI] The Back button loses functionality if the menu and the scoreboard are opened at the same time
  • [Uniforms] British helmet names in the Barracks & Loadout screens have historically inaccurate formatting
  • [UI] Grammatical error in the loading screen tip regarding the Ammo Carrier loadout
  • [UI] Kick player prompt remains on screen for the Officer if a player leaves its unit
  • [UI] The Enlist Screen is only showing up to 100 servers

Practice Range

  • The map is unaligned to the out-of-bounds parameters of the tactical map by 10m
  • Garrison cannot be placed in the Practice Range
  • The Half-Track tactical map icon always appears at the far top-left of the map
  • Missing grass foliage in the Practice Range
  • Tank turrets have no audio when moved
  • The scarecrow on the shooting range at the 75-metre mark has its feet sunk into the ground


  • The Driel Skirmish – Day loading screen shows a different game mode name than the other variants


  • [Skirmish] The setup time blocking volume is in the wrong position
  • [E4] Players can use an Airhead to spawn into an inaccessible area


  • Metal SFX and PFX encountered when shooting the dead cows


  • Metal SFX and PFX encountered when shooting the dead cows

Purple Heart Lane

  • [C2] Players can drown when crouched in a small body of water


  • A blocking volume extends into the playable area on the north side of Saint Marie du Mont updates
  • Trees render as large blocks in the distance
  • A specific plane asset is missing player collision
  • The grass is culling at around 40 metres


  • [G6] The player drowns near a hedge

For more information on the latest update and future developments, be sure to follow Black Matter and stay tuned for upcoming announcements. Get ready to experience the mayhem of war like never before in Hell Let Loose!

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Patch Notes Hell Let Loose


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