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Sons of the Forest: New Trailer Revealed Before Full Release

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Sons of the Forest, the much-anticipated sequel to the hit survival game The Forest, has just dropped a new trailer that's sending waves of excitement across the gaming community. Scheduled for a full release on February 22, this announcement marks a significant milestone for the game, which has been available on Steam in Early Access since last year.

Developed by Endnight, Sons of the Forest has already proven to be a massive success, boasting a peak concurrent player count of over 400,000 and selling more than two million copies within a single day of its early access launch. The game has captivated players and streamers alike, quickly earning its place as a standout title in the survival genre.

The new trailer offers a glimpse into the game's stunning open-world, filled with terrifying enemies and endless exploration opportunities. Players are tasked with surviving on a mysterious island, where crafting, building, and combat are essential for survival against cannibal clans and mutated creatures.

Endnight has continuously updated the game, adding new content such as building blueprints, vehicles, weapons, and exploration methods. This dedication to expanding the game's world has kept the community engaged and eagerly awaiting the full release.

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Gaming News Sons of the Forest


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