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Sons of the Forest Achieves Full Release with Major Update

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Sons of the Forest has officially transitioned out of Early Access on Steam, marking its full release with a significant update courtesy of Endnight Games. This update is not just any ordinary patch; it's a comprehensive overhaul that introduces a plethora of changes, enriching the game with new content, innovative game mechanics, and updated character portrayals.

Since its initial launch, Sons of the Forest has quickly ascended to the top of the survival horror genre, amassing millions of sales shortly after release. It stands out for its expansive open world, unparalleled freedom, and a chilling array of mutants that will test your survival skills.

In celebration of its full release, Endnight Games has implemented several notable updates to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Creative Mode becomes available after completing the game.
  • The game's conclusion has been revised to offer choice-driven outcomes.
  • Shawn Ashmore brings to life the character 'Timmy'.
  • The addition of more cutscenes enriches the narrative.
  • Gliders are now portable and can be redeployed.
  • Exploration is deepened with 14 new caves and additional points of interest.
  • The return of the 'Legsy' mutant from The Forest.
  • A new sickness system challenges players with the risks of consuming bad food and dirty water.
  • Jianyu's role in the game has been expanded.
  • New structures and blueprints for building.
  • The introduction of more achievements to unlock.
  • Support for FSR3 is now included.
  • A revamped weather system adds to the game's immersion.
  • Over a hundred fixes and balance adjustments have been made.

Sons of the Forest is a must-play for any aficionado of the survival horror genre, offering a mix of stunning visuals and heart-pounding gameplay. At its core, it's a game about survival, challenging players to endure the horrors of a mysterious island.

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Gaming News Sons of the Forest


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