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Launch Trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Revealed as the Game Arrives on PS5

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Square Enix has unveiled the debut trailer for the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, aligning with its release today. This second installment in the much-loved Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy is now accessible for PS5 users exclusively on two discs and remains exclusive to Sony’s console for at least a quarter.

"Upon breaking free from the oppressive confines of Midgar, Cloud and his companions embark on a quest to track down Sephiroth - a daunting figure from Cloud's history with intentions to dominate the planet," details the description accompanying the launch trailer (included below).

Embark on this grand journey with the team through an expansive, lively world teeming with secrets, potent materia, and a myriad of stories reflecting the planet's diverse people and traditions.

"Prepare to embark on exciting new experiences - get ready to encounter memorable allies and adversaries, traverse open meadows on a Chocobo, and indulge in intense rounds of the Queen’s Blood card game," the description adds.

"While certain aspects of the open-world content lie on the peripheral, and at times the game's central narrative seems slightly winded, the time invested with Aerith, Tifa, and the crew creates an incredibly enjoyable journey that will keep you engrossed for hundreds of hours."

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