Gameloft Suggests a Change in Direction After Disney Speedstorm Season Pass Controversy
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Gameloft Suggests a Change in Direction After Disney Speedstorm Season Pass Controversy

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Gameloft has stirred up some controversy with its decision to adjust the Disney Speedstorm season pass system, but a recent message from the developer suggests a possible change in plans.

Season 7 of Disney Speedstorm is set to begin on Thursday, introducing a new theme based on the popular movie Wreck-It Ralph. However, the implementation of the new season pass system has garnered negative feedback from fans.

Players were disappointed to learn that the premium tier of the Golden Pass, typically earned through in-game activities, would now only be available for purchase at $9.99. Additionally, Season 7 would be divided into two parts, each requiring a separate purchase of the Golden Pass, totaling $19.99 for both parts.

This move by Gameloft has sparked outrage, with players taking to the Disney Speedstorm community platforms to express their discontent. Many players perceive these changes as a cash grab that hinders the overall user experience of the game.

In response to the backlash, Gameloft posted a message on the game's official Twitter account, acknowledging the feedback received and hinting at a potential revision of the season pass plans. The developer expressed gratitude for the passionate community and promised to provide an update soon.

With Season 7 scheduled to launch this week, players are eagerly awaiting news of any changes to the Golden Pass monetization system. Whether the update will arrive before the season starts or lead to a further delay remains uncertain.

Disney Speedstorm, which initially launched as a paid early access in April 2023, transitioned to a free-to-play model later that year. Despite the current controversy, the new season promises to bring exciting content inspired by Wreck-It Ralph, including a new track and characters from the movie.

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