First Palworld Raid Coming Soon, Revealed by Pocketpair
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First Palworld Raid Coming Soon, Revealed by Pocketpair

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Developer Pocketpair has just unveiled the very first Palworld raid in a thrilling official trailer. This exciting new raid will introduce players to the powerful evil pal, Bellanoir, who is laying siege to the Palpagos Islands.

The trailer promises mass destruction and a full reveal of Bellanoir, but unfortunately, no exact release date has been provided yet. However, Pocketpair has confirmed that this new content is "coming soon," so get ready to gear up for the ultimate challenge.

In addition to the exciting raid news, Pocket Pair has also announced a fantastic deal for all Pocket Pair games as part of the Steam Spring Sale. Gamers can enjoy up to 50% off on all Pocket Pair titles until March 21st. Take advantage of this offer and dive into the world of Palworld today!

It's no surprise that Palworld has been gaining popularity, with the game recently reaching an impressive 25 million players in just one month after its release. Despite some considering it a passing trend, Palworld has broken records and continues to evolve with each update.

If you're eager for more content, Pocketpair has you covered with their Early Access Roadmap, which includes exciting features such as a Pal Arena for Pal PvP gameplay, Raid Bosses, and End Game content. Get ready for new Pals, islands, and much more in the upcoming updates.

And that's not all – Pocketpair is currently looking to expand their team by hiring comic artists to create Palworld comics. This is your chance to be a part of the Palworld universe and contribute to its growing community.

Looking ahead, there is even talk of Palworld being ported to other consoles, as revealed in a recent Bloomberg interview with Palworld creator Takuro Mizobe. While specific details and release windows have not been confirmed, the possibility of experiencing Palworld on different platforms is certainly exciting news for fans.

As Palworld's popularity continues to soar, it's clear that the game has outgrown its current studio's size. Mizobe emphasized that Palworld is "too big for a studio with our size to handle," hinting at future expansions and developments in the works.

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