Palworld Hits Over 25 Million Players
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Palworld Hits Over 25 Million Players in First Month, Says Developer

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an impressive display of popularity, Palworld has captivated more than 25 million players since its debut, according to the game's developer, Pocketpair. The game, which combines elements of survival and adventure with the companionship of various creatures, has seen significant sales across platforms, with approximately 15 million copies sold on Steam and an additional 10 million players engaging through the Xbox version.

While specific sales figures for the Xbox platform were not disclosed, it's noted that Palworld is available for purchase as well as accessible through the Xbox Game Pass. This suggests that a substantial portion of its Xbox player base may have come through the subscription service. Pocketpair highlighted the game's success on Steam, where it boasts 'very positive' user reviews. Out of 261,269 reviews, an overwhelming 91% (245,848) are positive.

Celebrating this milestone, Pocketpair shared their commitment to the game's community on X (formerly Twitter), promising ongoing efforts to address bugs and combat cheating. Despite a slight deceleration in growth, the game's popularity continues to rise steadily. Over the last three weeks, Palworld has attracted an additional 6 million players, evenly split between Steam and Xbox.

The game's community manager has set realistic expectations regarding updates, suggesting players engage with other games while awaiting new content for Palworld. This advice comes amid observations of a decline in concurrent players on Steam, which the manager, known as 'Bucky,' attributes to the game's episodic content release strategy.

Palworld's success has not been without controversy, particularly regarding its character designs, which some have likened to those in the Pokémon series. This comparison has sparked discussions about potential plagiarism, drawing attention from The Pokémon Company and Nintendo's president, Shuntaro Furukawa, both of whom are investigating the matter.

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