Escape from Tarkov 'The Unheard Edition' Drama Conclusion: Battlestate Games Offers Reparations
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Escape from Tarkov 'The Unheard Edition' Drama Conclusion: Battlestate Games Offers Reparations

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Escape from Tarkov fans have had a rollercoaster of a week with the revealing of The Unheard Edition causing uproar in the gaming community. Battlestate Games found themselves at the center of a feud with players boycotting the game and expressing their discontent over the controversial edition. After some attempts to address the situation, the developer has now released a 'conclusion' in an effort to calm the storm.

The reaction from Tarkov fans has been intense, with feedback flooding in, albeit mostly negative and exasperated. In a detailed Reddit post by Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games, the current state of affairs regarding The Unheard Edition, Edge of Darkness, and the proposed solutions were laid out for players.

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For players who own the Edge of Darkness edition, here is what the resolution entails:

  • Access to co-op PvE mode with persistent progression
  • Faster insurance return
  • Increased personal trader purchase limits by 20%
  • Various unique in-game items and perks

Standard, Prepare for Escape, and Left Behind edition owners will also see improvements, including increased stash size and the ability to purchase access to PvE mode separately.

On the other hand, The Unheard Edition owners are receiving exclusive items like the "Mark of The Unheard" and "Distress signal device" along with a $50 coupon for Escape from Tarkov purchases. All editions will have the opportunity to obtain certain items through in-game quests, showing at least an attempt to rectify the situation.

While these efforts are commendable, the fallout amongst players might be irreversible. Some prominent streamers have shifted their focus to other games, and a sense of betrayal lingers among fans who invested in the game. The Unheard Edition controversy has caused a significant rift in the community, and the road to redemption for Battlestate Games may be long and arduous.

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