EA’s Chief Executive Officer Claims AI Could Have a Positive Impact on 60% of Development Processes
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EA’s Chief Executive Officer Claims AI Could Have a Positive Impact on 60% of Development Processes

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Electronic Arts has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. From studio closures to project cancellations and mass layoffs, EA has been facing a wave of negative press. However, the company's CEO, Andrew Wilson, recently spoke at a tech conference about the potential impact of generative AI on game development.

Wilson emphasized that around 60% of game development processes could benefit from generative AI, reducing what used to take six weeks to accomplish down to just six days.

During his presentation in San Francisco, Wilson expressed his enthusiasm for AI and how EA is fully embracing this technology. He highlighted three key areas where generative AI is expected to make a difference: efficiency, expansion, and transformation.

"We're in the era of generative AI which is the most exciting yet by a fairly wide margin and something that we're embracing deeply. We think about it in three core vectors: efficiency, expansion, and transformation."

Wilson also discussed EA's goal to increase efficiency by 30% through the use of AI in game development. The focus is on bringing games to market faster without compromising on quality.

"For creators of games, this is incredibly exciting: the ability to get to the fun faster and get to market faster is the Holy Grail for them. And so, we see a real embrace happening inside of our company around these things that can help them get to greatness much more quickly."

Using the example of EA Sports FC, Wilson pointed out the significant advancements made with FIFA 24 compared to its predecessor. The latest game features 1,200 run cycles for player models, all achieved through generative AI.

Wilson also discussed the potential for AI to expand EA's player base to over one billion users, leading to increased monetization opportunities and personalized content. He projected a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for Electronic Arts in the realm of AI-driven game development.

(Quotes sourced from TechRaptor)

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