EA Has Called off Respawn's Star Wars First-Person Shooter Game
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EA Has Called off Respawn's Star Wars First-Person Shooter Game

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

A Star Wars first-person shooter (FPS) project in progress at Respawn has been terminated by Electronic Arts (EA). The project, initiated in 2022 and spearheaded by Peter Hirschmann - a Medal of Honor co-creator, LucasArts stalwart, and original Battlefront games contributor, was abandoned due to strategic decisions.

This decision was announced by Laura Miele, the President of EA Entertainment, coinciding with EA's disclosure of nearly 700 layoffs across the organization. Miele clarified that Respawn will refocus its efforts on the Jedi and Apex Legends franchises as a result of comprehensive reviews.

In her statement, Miele expressed admiration for Respawn's notable ability to engage players and curate superlative gaming experiences. She revealed that it became apparent during the strategic review of Respawn's portfolio that players demonstrated higher anticipation for Jedi and Respawn's expansive array of proprietary brands.

Consequently, EA has opted to redirect early-stage development resources from the Star Wars FPS game to new projects within their proprietary brand portfolio while sustaining support for existing games. Miele further clarified that the decision to abandon the project doesn't reflect the competency, perseverance or passion of the dedicated team. Instead, it's a commitment to provide fans with further episodes of the popular franchises they desire, which encapsulates the essence of successful storytelling in the gaming industry.

This announcement shortly followed actor Cameron Monaghan's revelation during Ocala Comic Con in September that he was committed to a "third entry" in the Star Wars Jedi series.

Stig Asmussen - the director of the two preceding Star Wars Jedi games - announced his departure from Respawn Entertainment shortly after Monaghan's disclosure. Before his exit, Asmussen expressed his desire to create a third installment in the Star Wars Jedi series, fulfilling his vision of a three-part story arc.

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