CD Projekt’s Chief Financial Officer Believes Single-Player Games Should Not Have Microtransactions
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CD Projekt’s Chief Financial Officer Believes Single-Player Games Should Not Have Microtransactions

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

CD Projekt recently unveiled an exciting multi-game roadmap that has sparked intrigue among gamers worldwide. The renowned game developer, known for titles like The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, shared details about their upcoming projects that promise to redefine the gaming landscape for years to come.

The roadmap includes a new Witcher trilogy, a remake of the original Witcher game, the next installment in the Cyberpunk franchise, as well as an entirely new, unannounced IP.

Following the roadmap announcement, CD Projekt's Chief Financial Officer, Piotr Nielubowicz, sat down for an interview with to discuss the company's future projects and address the topic of microtransactions in their games.

We do not see a place for microtransactions in the case of single-player games, but we do not rule out that we will use this solution in the future in the case of multiplayer projects.

This stance on microtransactions reflects CD Projekt's commitment to delivering a player-friendly gaming experience, particularly in single-player titles where intrusive microtransactions can detract from the immersive storytelling and gameplay.

While microtransactions have become a common feature in multiplayer games, CD Projekt's focus on creating engaging single-player experiences without the need for additional purchases is a refreshing approach in the gaming industry.

With all of CD Projekt's current projects in the early stages of development, fans may have to wait a few years before the next game hits the market. However, the promise of a multiplayer-focused title on the horizon raises questions about how microtransactions will be integrated into CD Projekt's future releases.

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