Ballistics in Gray Zone Warfare Will be Exceptionally Realistic
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Ballistics in Gray Zone Warfare Will be Exceptionally Realistic

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Gray Zone Warfare is fast becoming one of the most eagerly-awaited shooting games scheduled for release on Steam. The game has been climbing wishlist rankings and stirring considerable excitement within the larger gaming community since its announcement by MADFINGER Games. Enthusiasts of titles such as Escape from Tarkov, Battlefield, Rust, and ARMA are particularly intrigued, keen to discover what this hyper-realistic and engrossing PvEvP shooter will bring to the table.

Recently, MADFINGER Games revealed its third development log, 'GZW Combat Experience'. This comprehensive breakdown gives players an insight into the stunningly accurate ballistic mechanics of Gray Zone Warfare, a game poised to enter Early Access shortly. Gray Zone Warfare embodies immersion, often a direct correlate of realism. In GZW, players undertake missions across an expansive map modeled on real-world jungles. With hundreds of AI adversaries to engage and human players to either ally with or fight against in a persistent landscape as hazardous as it is impressive.


The latest development log from MADFINGER elaborates on the extensive bullet and ballistic aspects of Gray Zone Warfare. It underscored the game's unique penetration dynamics, influenced by the ammunition type and material facing the bullet. Hence, each shot's interaction with a given surface will be unique, contingent on several variables.

MADFINGER has also developed 'temporary cavities' within surfaces and objects, mirroring the impact a bullet has on, for example, ballistic gel. This means any bullet damage within Gray Zone Warfare mirrors the devastation it would cause on a block of ballistic gel. Conventional mechanics such as recoil and ricochet have been intricately crafted in Gray Zone Warfare, offering unmatched realism. Bullets will diverge off solid surfaces in distinct manners based on the nature of the surface struck. They will also interact diversely with permeable surfaces like water and mud. The game's recoil is influenced by various aspects of a weapon, such as the remaining ammunition in the magazine. MADFINGER has conducted rigorous research to ensure the weapons in Gray Zone Warfare behave as they would in real life.

Gray Zone Warfare Forest

Additionally, MADFINGER emphasized the unique 'anatomy' mechanics in GZW. There is no health structure based on numbers but instead, a detailed biological analysis that begins with a PMC's armour and culminates with organ damage, profoundly affecting a player's agility, vision, and blood loss rate. In the dense undergrowth of Gray Zone Warfare, even a minor ailment can quickly escalate into a life-threatening condition. If you're yearning for an engrossing, ultra-realistic shooter, then add Gray Zone Warfare to your Steam wishlist. Having communicated extensively with the team at MADFINGER, I can vouch for the immense anticipation I feel for the project's development.

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