Gray Zone Warfare Update 0.1.2 Patch Notes on July 3rd
Patch Notes Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Update 0.1.2 Patch Notes on July 3rd

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Gray Zone Warfare Update 0.1.2 is now live, bringing a lot of additions, adjustments, and fixes. From new landing zones for easier travel to various optimizations and bug fixes, this update aims to improve gameplay and address player feedback. Read the full patch notes below.

Gray Zone Warfare Update 0.1.2 Patch Notes:

Hey Everyone,

We're excited to announce that Patch 0.1.2 is now live. You can find the full patch notes below. We know the journey has had its bumps and bruises, and we deeply appreciate your patience, support, and understanding.



  • 9 new landing zones for more convenient traveling to specific areas; adjusted terrain to accommodate them
  • A missing notification when trying to invite a friend to a squad when they are already in the squad
  • A notification that there is no ammo/magazine in pockets when trying to reload
  • Confirmation dialog for various squad and friend actions
  • Missing sound effects on the character creation screen
  • Notification for players to claim their edition rewards
  • Optimizations to reduce rubberbanding
  • Separate sensitivity settings for aiming down sights
  • Sounds to vendor progression actions
  • The missing radiation in the Ground Zero area (it is now deadly when you enter the area)
  • The pick-up and destination zone description to the helicopter widget
  • Various VRAM optimizations
  • Vendor confirmation when leaving vendor screen with items in the basket using Back/Escape
  • Your preferred game mode is now selected when launching the game


  • Lighting on medium graphics quality settings
  • Several light sources in YBL-1
  • Some tasks to use unique quest items
  • The blur effect while suppressed for scopes and collimators
  • The flight path from Kilo 3 to Juliet 4


  • Leaning is now disabled during provision animations
  • Load magazine now selects ammunition from the equipment, not from the locker
  • Players now cannot loot their friendly NPCs in the base camp to prevent exploiting
  • Players will be matched to the same server after disconnection (if they reconnect within a certain period of time)
  • Renamed MK18 to DDM4 to correspond with the weapon specifications


  • A backyard from which there was no exit
  • A bug when a dead body warped unnaturally, resulting in a grotesque image
  • A bug where a vendor didn't show all their stock
  • A bug where a weapon would stay in the player's hand during a provision animation
  • A bug where player might get stuck in a collision after being revived from a coma
  • A bug where player was taken to the edge of the map when jumping onto a heli at the last second before departure
  • A bug where the mouse wheel becomes inactive
  • A collision under the metal platforms in FOB
  • A collision with a kitchen desk in a villa in Midnight Sapphire
  • A levitating fence near Midnight Sapphire
  • A missing collision in Fort Narith Headquarters
  • A missing icon for Unblock friend
  • A network error after waiting in queue to join a server
  • A railing that players couldn't vault over
  • A rare issue when the character progression would reset to rank 1
  • A rare situation where the camera clips through the helicopter while getting on it
  • A road near the Juliet 3 landing zone
  • A situation where players were able to wear both a vest and a plate carrier
  • A spot in Tiger Bay where AI could get stuck
  • A spot where a player was able to ADS and shoot through a solid fence
  • A spot where the screen would go completely dark in an area near the Juliet 3 LZ
  • A sudden change in ambient sound near a golf field
  • AFK timer to kick idle players
  • AI navigation over a sandpit in Sawmill
  • AI stuck and shooting from walls in YBL-1
  • Ammo icons remained greyed out after canceling the trade
  • An area in the starter towns where AI could bounce around
  • An exploit preventing the blur suppression effect
  • An incorrect collision on a wooden bridge near Midnight Sapphire
  • An issue that players in a coma couldn't to shot and finished off
  • An issue when players had no input upon loading to the server
  • An issue where a dead body would disappear but remain lootable
  • An issue where modding a weapon on a dead body would render it unusable until you restart the game
  • An issue where player bodies didn't show any loot for a short while
  • An issue where players received squad invites in chat even after not allowing squad invites in settings
  • An issue where players were unable to loot their body after reconnection
  • An issue where quest interactions were active after a quest had failed
  • An issue where sometimes items would disappear while moving them in the inventory
  • An issue with selecting a faction on the character creation screen
  • Being unable to invite a player to squad after kicking them
  • Being unable to join a server with your squad if the leader is already on a server
  • Destroyed heart not visible on the health panel
  • Disappearing sleeves when looking around while in ADS
  • Failed to load Skalla.dll on supported PCs or when the folder name where the game is installed contained a non-ASCII character (please note that this doesn't change the compatibility of old CPUs without AVX2 support)
  • Flickering sunlight coming through a window in Forth Narith
  • Glass on some doors and windows, which caused them to be bulletproof
  • Graphical artifacts caused by shadows on windows
  • Helicopter being stuck between Delta and Echo
  • Helicopter failing to arrive after dying far from a LZ, blocking the LZ
  • Improved AI navigation through the double door
  • Improved the character shadows while moving in the water
  • Improved visibility of currency in the vendor trading window
  • Improving lighting in the Mall
  • Invite to squad button not available for newly added friends
  • Issue where players were able to clip through a wall and see behind it under specific circumstances
  • Item duplication exploit
  • Items used when healing other players are now properly marked as in use
  • Jagged shadows on a scope when aiming down sights
  • Light leaks in the Motel building
  • Long text overflowing interaction UI boxes if an item has a long name
  • Loot placement in Pha Lang airfield
  • Minor light leaks in a hangar in Fort Narith
  • Missing blur effect around the scope under certain circumstances
  • Missing bullets in weapon action animations
  • Missing name in a notification
  • Mortar and grenade explosions not visible under certain circumstances
  • Multiple AI spawning in the same location
  • Parts of FOB that were not covered under the safe zone
  • Placing money to a stack inside a backpack will place the wallet into a different cell
  • Player being able to get stuck at a pool in LRI FOB
  • Player being heard on Voice chat even after disabling it
  • Player being unable to move while picking up items or opening doors
  • Players are now locked in a position when kicking doors
  • Players being sometimes unable to jump when near an obstacle
  • Players unable to see their dead body because it fell through the ground/floor
  • Reduced hitching just before the helicopter lands
  • Resetting to default now only affects the current section of the settings
  • Several spots all around the map where a player could get stuck
  • Sinking of bodies into the ground in Midnight Sapphire
  • Skipping a coma will no longer result in "You killed yourself" message
  • Some glass items being too bright in dark environments
  • Squad chat disappearing after ending an expedition
  • Squad leader's inability to promote another member while there was an invitation pending
  • Squad leader's inability to send or receive chat messages after joining a server
  • Stone walls in Midnight Sapphire which looked too thin
  • Stuttering when jumping near an object
  • The issue where players were unable to loot their body in PVE mode
  • The quick unequip function (control + click) not working on items inside containers
  • The rubber butt pad can no longer be attached directly to the buffer tube
  • The visibility of the quest item in the Deal of the Century task
  • The weapon snapping into position after vaulting
  • Tracer rounds effect not being visible
  • Unblocking a friend no longer requires restarting the client
  • Undesired motion when switching stances
  • Unnatural-looking vegetation and landscape near the path to the waterfall
  • Various crashes
  • Various floating, sinking, or clipping objects in the world
  • Various places where vegetation clips with fences or other objects
  • Various task text adjustments for better clarity
  • Wrong materials on some trees


  • The player collisions with objects while holding the knife


  • Various world locations


  • A flying coffee pot near Foxtrot 3 LZ
  • A redundant pilot voice-over line when departing from a LZ
  • Dysfunctional Type 51 slides from vendor stock
  • An incorrect house in the villa area near FOB


  • AK animations to be more accurate to the real life
  • Hand movement while running
  • The character rotation when vaulting
  • Various weapon and character animations

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Patch Notes Gray Zone Warfare


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