Apex Legends Introduces New Restrictions for Ranked Parties and Patches Badges Glitch
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Apex Legends Introduces New Restrictions for Ranked Parties and Patches Badges Glitch

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, recently released a new update that focuses on improving the Ranked Play experience for players. The update, which was rolled out on April 8, brings several key changes to the game.

One of the major adjustments in the latest update is the rework of Ranked matchmaking. Previously, players could encounter opponents with a wide range of skill levels, leading to unbalanced matches. With the new update, Respawn has introduced a limit to the difference in ranks between players in a party. Now, parties can only have a maximum of a three-rank tier difference between players. This change aims to prevent high-ranked players from teaming up with lower-ranked ones to exploit the system.

Players can now expect a more fair and competitive matchmaking experience in Apex Legends Ranked mode, with balanced teams that offer a greater challenge.

In addition to the matchmaking changes, the update also addresses several issues and bugs that have been affecting players. One of the highlighted fixes is the resolution of an error called "Code:Cloud" that occurred when players tried to reconnect to a match after a crash. This fix ensures a smoother gameplay experience for all players.

The update corrected a bug that caused incorrect badges to be displayed in Ranked. Players can now see their previously earned badges with the correct rank, providing a more accurate representation of their accomplishments.

Other minor fixes included in the update address localization, items, and cosmetics, ensuring that players have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience without any lingering issues.

For Switch users, the latest update brings improved stability when playing Apex Legends on the platform. This enhancement should result in a more consistent and reliable performance for players on the Switch.

Overall, the recent update from Respawn Entertainment aims to enhance the Ranked Play experience in Apex Legends by addressing matchmaking issues, fixing bugs, and improving overall stability. Players can now enjoy a more balanced and fair gameplay environment, free from the issues that plagued the game in the past.

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