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Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The highly anticipated role-playing game (RPG), Phantom Blade Zero, developed by S-Game, has been creating quite a buzz in the gaming community since its first declaration in 2023. This article provides all one needs to know about this upcoming game that promises to serve a healthy dose of hack-and-slash action.

Phantom Blade Zero is an RPG where the plot unfolds in a grim universe. A high-ranking assassin must battle in service of a formidable faction, known as "The Order." The released gameplay footage and previews reveal a brutal and intense combat system, where players are pitched against various opponents, even undertaking assassinations. However, details about the game are currently sparse. To get a closer look at the gameplay, refer to the initial release trailer.

This game exudes a sinister ambiance, drawing parallels with the acclaimed PlayStation exclusive, "Ghost of Tsushima". Although there's no set date for its release. The game lacks a release window as of now, indicating that its launch could range from a few months to years in the distance. Unveiled only in 2023, the game probably requires additional enhancements. The only available gameplay glimpse for gamers is the initial release trailer, indicating there's still substantial work pending on the game.


Nevertheless, gamers are hopeful that a release date will be confirmed within 2024, and ideally launched no later than 2025. Regrettably, Phantom Blade Zero" will not be made available on all platforms. It's an exclusive to PS5 and PC, leaving Xbox and Nintendo Switch gamers unable to access it. However, its PC release leaves the possibility of future availability on Microsoft's Xbox.

In the RPG gaming context, a significant portion of gamers are drawn to expansive open-world styles. The allure of immersing oneself in an extensive fictional universe has its charm. Is Phantom Blade Zero crafted in an open-world format? A game touted to deliver over 40 hours of principal story gameplay would intuitively be an open-world experience.

However, contrary to this assumption, while it brings forth areas that seem to imitate an open-world setting, the game adheres to a semi-open-world style. Here, some regions remain inaccessible until key segments of the primary story have been completed. Nevertheless, it offers players the opportunity to traverse a unique world, a successful model used by games such as "Ocarina of Time".

Gameplay Mechanics

While most games awaiting release usually lack a rating, Phantom Blade Zero is a departure. Its initial trailer gained an M for Mature rating. However, currently, the rating lacks a detailed explanation and states that it may incorporate content inappropriate for younger audiences. Given its somber theme encircling relentless killing, a graphic content warning is expected.

From the trailer glimpses alone, gamers are intrigued and ready for an engaging and dark journey. Despite the wait, they stand by patiently while the developers fine-tune this prospective RPG standout in the coming years.

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