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After Departing from Battlefield Director Position, Halo's Co-Creator Decides to Take a Break from Gaming

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Marcus Lehto, co-creator of the renowned Halo franchise, has officially announced his departure from his role as game director for the upcoming Battlefield title. Lehto, who established the Seattle-based EA studio Ridgeline Games in 2021, previously indicated that the first project under his leadership would offer an immersive single-player campaign incorporating both innovative gameplay elements and Battlefield's iconic traits.

However, hints at Lehto's exit began to surface when references to Battlefield and EA were mysteriously omitted from his social media profiles. Validating such speculation, Lehto later proclaimed, "Indeed, my departure from EA was a personal choice and an immensely challenging decision to make."

He expressed his gratitude towards the Battlefield community, acknowledging the crucial role of their feedback in fortifying the franchise. His parting message to his colleagues at EA emphasized his desire for their continued success. Temporarily stepping back from the gaming industry, Lehto is evaluating his future career trajectories.

In other developments, EA had confirmed last year that its subsidiary DICE would collaborate with Ridgeline Games to develop the upcoming Battlefield single-player campaign. Furthermore, DICE is also undertaking the task of creating a multiplayer experience for future Battlefield games. A separate Battlefield project is also being developed by the Los Angeles-based Ripple Effect.

In a strategic shift announced in December 2021, EA revealed its plan to foster a connected Battlefield universe, promising sweeping modifications in the franchise's developmental framework. As a part of this restructuring process, DICE's former chief, Oscar Gabrielson, resigned from EA entirely, while Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn and Infinity Ward, assumed a revamped role supervising the Battlefield franchise in its entirety.

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