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A Ransomware Group Claims to Have Infiltrated Epic Games, Seizing Close to 200GB of Internal Data

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The group known as Mogilevich, a relatively recent entrant in the ransomware landscape, claims it has successfully infiltrated Epic Games, the producer of Fortnite and Epic Games Store. This developing cyber crime story, shared with the public by Cyber Daily, notes the group's claim to possess nearly 200GB of the gaming company’s internal data.

Epic Games Databreach Mogilevich

The group’s darknet leak site holds a message which reads, “A covert attack has been executed on Epic Games’ servers.” Mogilevich claims to possess a range of materials, including “email details, passwords, payment information, full names, source codes, among other data”. The total size of the captured data is reportedly about 189GB.

Moreover, they have publicized their intent to sell the seized data. The group included a link within the message, which is intended for those interested in purchasing the data, particularly company employees. However, as of yet, they have not disclosed a precise price or what their course of action will be if the data remains unsold beyond the cut-off date of March 4.

Epic Games Fortnite

Epic Games marks Mogilevich's fourth target. Last week the group targeted Infiniti USA, a subsidiary of Nissan. Despite these bold claims, there’s no empirical evidence to validate their assertion of having successfully hacked Epic Games.

In recent history, another ransomware group named Rhysida targeted Insomniac Games in 2023’s final quarter, eventually releasing a minor cluster of data publicly to demonstrate their success. The data included an annotated image from Wolverine, Insomniac’s future game. Rhysida posted a threat, giving a seven-day window to publish the stolen data unless someone bought it at auction for a base price of 50 Bitcoins (roughly $2 million). Allegedly, close to 98% of the data was released after a week.

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