Final Fantasy 14 introduces new currency for Xbox microtransactions and subscriptions
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Final Fantasy 14 Introduces New Currency for Xbox Microtransactions and Subscriptions

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy 14 and you play on Xbox, get ready for some exciting news! The Xbox Series X/S version of Final Fantasy 14 will be introducing a brand new currency exclusive to Xbox players called FFXIV Coins.

This new currency will allow players to make purchases on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store and the Mog Station. The Online Store offers a variety of in-game items such as costumes, mounts, emotes, weapons, minions, and furniture. On the other hand, the Mog Station is used for upgrading to the full version of the game, adding game time to your subscription, and purchasing other services.

Players who exclusively play on the Xbox Series X/S version will need to buy FFXIV Coins with real money to make these purchases. However, those who play on multiple platforms can continue to make purchases using real money as usual and have them carried over to the Xbox version.

According to Square Enix, this new currency is likely a way for Microsoft to take a percentage from microtransactions and subscriptions for players exclusively on Xbox consoles.

One advantage of the introduction of FFXIV Coins is that players who participate in Microsoft Rewards can potentially use their rewards points to buy Xbox funds and pay for their FFXIV Coins, including their subscription.

The Series X version of the game boasts 4K graphics and both Series X and Series S versions benefit from fast loading times. The Expanded Free Trial, available on PC and PlayStation consoles, is also playable on Xbox. Players can enjoy the base game A Realm Reborn and its first two expansions Heavensward and Stormblood up to level 70 before needing to pay a monthly fee to continue.

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Xbox News Final Fantasy 14