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Stellar Blade's Download Size on PS5 Revealed

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

A recent glimpse at Stellar Blade’s packaging has disclosed that PlayStation 5 players will need to allocate 35GB of storage for the game. This size is quite reasonable for a lavish semi-open-world adventure, ensuring minimal strain on your console's SSD. The game, developed by Shift Up, is slated for release on April 26, with pre-loading options available starting April 24.

According to insights shared, those opting for the pre-load will benefit from having the latest game update installed. However, purchasers of the physical version will need to download this update during installation.

Stellar Blade has been the center of much anticipation, partly due to the provocative depiction of its protagonist, Eve. Her revealing attire and the controversy surrounding the real-world Korean model used as her basis have sparked discussions. Moreover, the game is set to receive an adult-only rating due to its explicit content, including violence, nudity, and sexual themes.

This post-apocalyptic, narrative-driven adventure awaits players on April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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