Sony Secures Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy Exclusivity
PlayStation News Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy

Sony Secures Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trilogy Exclusivity

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a recent development that has agitated the gaming industry, Sony has confirmed the exclusive rights to the much-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. This exclusive arrangement, revealed by the Washington Post, ensures that these titles will not be available on Xbox for the foreseeable future.

The newly minted arrangement has its roots in April 2020, when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake journied uncharted waters by debuting on PS4. Soon after, in June 2021, the journey continued with the upgraded version of the game, titled Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, appearing exclusively on the PS5, before finally reaching PC after a six month gap.

Fresh off the presses is the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on the PlayStation 5, already showing Sony exclusivity. This game will remain a PS5 exclusive for no less than a three-month period, kindling hope among PC gamers for a limited wait. However, despondently for PS4 owners, the sequel will not be ported to their platform.

Nailing down such an exclusive deal for the Final Fantasy 7 trilogy presents a competitive advantage for Sony's PlayStation. According to Christian Svensson, VP of Second and Third-Party Content Ventures and Strategic Initiatives at Sony, the partnership was mutually beneficial from the onset of the Remake project.

Recalling the original PlayStation era, Svensson believes that the critical third-party deals are an essential part of Sony's strategy for consolidation in the fiercely competitive video game market. The executive noted that Square Enix has always been a significant cornerstone of the PlayStation console with its Final Fantasy franchise, consistently surpassing fans' expectations and exploiting the potential of PlayStation hardware.

The Final Fantasy 14 saga, which saw a decade-long Sony-exclusive run, will finally transition to Xbox consoles in 2024. During a conversation with IGN, the Xbox head, Phil Spencer, refrained from commenting on the possibility of other PlayStation exclusives, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16, arriving on Xbox. However, he expressed his confidence in the commitment shown by the Japanese publisher towards Microsoft's consoles.

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