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PlayStation News Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Indiana Jones Set to Adventure onto PS5

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Indiana Jones could soon be gracing the PlayStation 5 (PS5), following its initial exclusive release on Xbox Series X|S. This news comes from Tom Warren of The Verge, who reports that Microsoft and Xbox are considering a multiplatform future for their games, including this high-profile adventure.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is tentatively set for a December 2024 launch on Xbox and PC, with a PS5 release potentially following a few months later. This strategy marks a significant shift in Microsoft's approach, moving towards a more inclusive gaming ecosystem across different platforms. The exact timing and availability for the PS5 version remain uncertain, as Microsoft's plans for multi-platform releases are still being finalized.

This revelation is part of a broader trend, with other Xbox console exclusives like Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, and Starfield also rumored to be heading to PS5 in 2024. The decision on which first-party games will remain exclusive and which will be available on other systems has yet to be made by Microsoft and Xbox.

The gaming community is keenly watching these developments, as the potential release of Xbox games on competing consoles like the PS5 could significantly impact the landscape of console gaming.

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PlayStation News Indiana Jones and the Great Circle


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