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Hi-Fi Rush Set to Rock PlayStation 5 This March

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Bethesda has officially declared that the rhythm-action sensation, Hi-Fi Rush, will make its grand entrance on the PlayStation 5 come March 18, 2024. This exciting news was shared through a Bethesda blog post, accompanied by a captivating reveal trailer on the PlayStation's official YouTube channel.

Originally making waves in January 2023 as a surprise release during an Xbox developer direct, Hi-Fi Rush quickly garnered "generally favorable" reviews on Xbox and "critical acclaim" on PC, as per Metacritic scores. The game also won the hearts of the gaming community, amassing over 3 million players by August 2023.

Initially exclusive to Xbox and Windows, speculation about Hi-Fi Rush's expansion to other platforms began to swirl in late 2023. By mid-February, Xbox confirmed that it would be bringing four of its games to additional platforms, though it stopped short of naming them at the time.

While it remains to be seen whether Hi-Fi Rush will also land on the Nintendo Switch, insider sources hint at a potential release on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, suggesting that fans may need to wait a bit longer for any official word.

What are your thoughts on Hi-Fi Rush's upcoming PlayStation debut? Share your excitement in the comments below!

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