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Exploring the Combat Dynamics in Rise of the Ronin

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Team Ninja, in collaboration with PlayStation, has revealed a fresh trailer for Rise of the Ronin, shedding light on the game's diverse combat mechanics. This latest preview merges Team Ninja's hallmark action-packed combat with a rich arsenal that includes katanas, spears, and other melee weapons, alongside ranged armaments such as foreign guns. As a Ronin, players will engage adversaries using this varied weaponry, the official PlayStation Blog details.

The core combat approach encourages players to launch melee attacks using the Square button, while defense maneuvers involve guarding with L1 and dodging with Circle. An enemy's Ki must be fully drained to render them vulnerable and immobilized, allowing players to unleash devastating critical hits for substantial damage.

For more insights, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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