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Tarkov's New Feature to Spot Cheaters

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Escape from Tarkov, a renowned multiplayer game, has recently undergone a significant transformation with its latest update. This update, coupled with a global game reset known as a 'wipe', has been a hit among its dedicated fan base. Developed by Battlestate Games, the update has brought several enhancements including changes in recoil, weather, loot dynamics, and customization. Additionally, the new session-based multiplayer game, Escape from Tarkov Arena, has been launched.

A pivotal change in this update is the introduction of viewable player profiles. These profiles not only display a string of achievements but also allow players to view others' loadouts and stats. This feature is particularly crucial in identifying potential cheaters in the game.

Identifying Cheaters: How It Works

  • Detailed Player Profiles: Players can now access detailed profiles of others, revealing information like the number of raids completed, success rates, and current loadouts.
  • Kill-to-Death Ratio (KD): A high KD ratio, especially with a low number of completed raids, is a strong indicator of cheating. For instance, a player with a 30-raid history but an 80 KD and 90% raid success rate is likely cheating.
  • Reporting Suspected Cheaters: Once a suspicious profile is identified, players can report it directly to Battlestate Games for further investigation.

Battlestate Games has a history of being stringent against cheaters, often issuing large ban waves to eliminate hackers from the game. However, the challenge of cheating persists, impacting the game's broader success.

This update is a significant step towards ensuring fair play in Escape from Tarkov. By empowering players to identify and report cheaters, the game environment becomes more enjoyable and competitive for everyone.

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