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Resident Evil Revelations Faces Steam Review Bomb Over DRM Controversy

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Resident Evil Revelations, a beloved third-person shooter from 2012, has recently come under fire from its fanbase. The game, known for its gripping survival horror elements and engaging storyline, has been review-bombed on Steam. This sudden influx of negative reviews stems from allegations that Capcom, the game's developer, implemented DRM (Digital Rights Management) software in a recent update, leading to performance issues and mod compatibility problems.

The controversy began around January 10, when players started reporting technical difficulties such as unstable frame rates and crashes. These issues coincided with a series of updates from Capcom, which included bug fixes and changes to the game's backend. The situation escalated when a player on the Steam forums linked these problems to the addition of Enigma Protector, a third-party DRM solution, causing a wave of criticism.

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Capcom's stance on mods and cheats has been clear since their October 2023 presentation. They equate mods with cheating, except when officially supported, highlighting the delicate balance between protecting intellectual property and preserving the gaming community's creative freedom. This approach, while understandable from a business perspective, has not sat well with a significant portion of the gaming community, especially those who rely on mods for an enhanced gaming experience.

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The response from Enigma, the DRM software's creator, to the community's concerns was somewhat dismissive, further fueling the discontent among players. They questioned the blame placed on their software for the game's issues and suggested that the anger might stem from an inability to use cheats.

Capcom has since issued a statement on the Resident Evil Revelations Steam page, acknowledging the issues and temporarily reverting the update. They promised to re-release the update once the problems are resolved, but this has done little to quell the community's frustration.

As of now, Resident Evil Revelations has seen a significant drop in its recent Steam reviews, shifting to 'mostly negative.' This is in stark contrast to its overall 'very positive' rating, which reflects the game's long-standing popularity.

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